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Yoshio Honjo


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T: 0419 792001

Yoshio Honjo is a Japanese Artist and Tattooist residing in Sydney Australia. His career has seen him travel the world as a prolific Tattoo Artist, working and exhibiting throughout Asia and Australia. Yoshio’s art and tattoo practice draw inspiration from Ukiyo-E Woodblock printing, an art movement that flourished during the Edo Period in Japan. Ukiyo-E translates as “pictures of the floating world” and depicts such subject matter as kabuki characters, samurai, geisha, mythical creatures, yokai (Japanese monsters), folk tales and historical references. Yoshio’s study of Ukiyo-E has led him to create his own original, contemporary take on the iconic Japanese art movement, whilst keeping the storytelling true to the original works.

Born in the rice fields of Shiga Prefecture, Japan, Yoshio has a passion for handcrafted Japanese materials. Yoshio is currently experimenting with traditional sumo ink and shuihi-enogu, which is traditional Japanese pigment made from mud. His canvas is skin when tattooing however, he paints artworks upon traditional, hand made Japanese Kozo Paper.

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Portrait by Photographer Carine Thévenau

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