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Yoshimi Tada

Ikebana Artist

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Tada Yoshimi(the pseudonym Tada Reishu 多田玲秋), known as one of the prominent Ikebana artists of the Sogetsu School in Australia, has been widely active in Asia and the Pacific across countries such as Australia, Singapore and Japan for more than a decade. She is certified with the Teacher’s Diploma 1st Grade Jonin-Somu by the Sogetsu Headquarters in Japan.

Having started learning Ikebana at the age of four from her mother, a multi-talented specialist at Japanese arts and cultures in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, Yoshimi has practiced full-scale Ikebana for four years in an University at Japan with an instructor of Sogetsu School. After graduating University, she started her career as an Ikebana specialist in Hyogo Prefectural Government in charge of making Ikebana arrangements at the Governor’s House while serving as a local government official at the Secretariat of the Hyogo Prefectural Assembly.

She started her career as an Ikebana instructor in Singapore in 2011. And after a transfer to Sydney in 2015, while holding Ikebana classes, she has devoted herself in promoting Ikebana through countless opportunities including the holding of Ikebana workshops at the Japanese School and organizing Ikebana workshops as one of the major members of the Australia Sydney Teachers Association of Sogetsu at the Japan Festival Sydney and other cities in NSW since 2016. On the occasion of the Japan Festival in 2019, she successfully achieved her initiative by realizing the joint participation of three major Ikebana schools for the further promotion of Ikebana in NSW.

Furthermore, she has served to decorate Ikebana at the official residence of the Consul General of Japan in Sydney, including the occasion of Japan’s national day reception celebrating the birthday of His Majesty the Emperor of Japan in 2017, where her tireless passion and creative talent in expressing the true beauty of Ikebana art has attracted hundreds of invitees at the reception.

In 2018, her tireless passion and efforts in promoting Ikebana contributed to a commendation awarded by the Consul General of Japan to Sogetsu Sydney for its contribution in promoting Japan-Australian cultural exchanges.

As one of the leading communicators of Japanese art and culture through Ikebana in Australia, she was privileged to be nominated as the demonstrator of Ikebana at the Japan Spectacular, a Festival of Japanese Traditional Arts and Cultures, at the Opera House Sydney in December 2019. In the unprecedented Japan related cultural festival held at the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site in Sydney, the audience was enchanted by her large-scale elegant and dynamic Ikebana arrangement, which was brilliantly collaborated with the ingenious performance by traditional Japanese musical instruments.

Since 2018 she has been a regular contributor for Nichigo-Press, the largest Japanese community paper in Australia, and her column titled ‘The flower in life’ is popular among readers, introducing the aesthetic and philosophical essence of Ikebana in an easy-to-understand way with her own sophisticated sense of beauty.

Since 2020 she temporarily resides in Japan in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. While holding an on-line Ikebana class with her students in Australia, she has been attending the professional Ikebana class organized by Sogetsu headquarters, where she pursues an opportunity to receive technical guidance with the view to enhancing the expertise of Ikebana with wider artistic dimensions from top-level masters as well as Iemoto Akane Teshigahara of Sogetsu School.

Always bearing in mind the infinitive possibilities that Ikebana holds, Yoshimi’s great devotion and endeavor in the pursuit of the true beauty through lkebana never ends with her lifetime wish as Ikebana to be an universal art that is open to all the people around the World”.


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