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Sayuri Hayashi


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Sayuri is a nagauta shamisen performer and teacher involved in teaching and promoting Japanese traditional arts and culture in Sydney.

Born in Hokkaido in northern Japan, Sayuri was exposed to a variety of Japanese traditional arts from an early age. She developed an interest in the distinctive sound of the shamisen, which she started learning at the age of eight. Studying under the Kashiwa school of nagauta shamisen, Sayuri has attained the rank of master and has performed with the school throughout Japan.

Since moving to Australia in 1994, Sayuri has been active in bringing this art form to the Australian public, and has performed in a wide range of settings including the Sydney Olympics, The Japan Foundation, ABC television and at the ‘A Night in Fantasia’ orchestral concert in the Sydney Town Hall alongside the shakuhachi performer Riley Lee.

In addition, Sayuri is a practitioner of Japanese tea ceremony and ikebana flower arrangement, and has been involved in tea ceremonies at The Japan Foundation, Japanese festivals and the Cowra Japanese Garden, as well as holding ikebana demonstrations at community events.

Sayuri enjoys teaching shamisen and nagauta to her students in Sydney, and is passionate about helping people in the Australian community appreciate and understand Japanese traditional culture.


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