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Kyoko Hodgkinson


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Japanese by birth, Kyoko has lived in Australia for many years. Kyoko studied Kimono Dressing at the Japan Tradition Technique Instructor Association (JTTI) in Japan. After many years of study and practice she was elevated to the level “Grand Master” of Kimono Dressing. Following this achievement, Kyoko established Kimono Australia, the first JTTI accredited Kimono school outside of Japan. This added to the 44 schools that JTTI operates in Japan.

Kyoko’s goal in teaching Kimono dressing to Australians is to expand the knowledge and awareness of Japanese culture. She also wants to teach the next generation, traditional Japanese skills to help the culture stay vibrant and relevant in an ever changing world. Kyoko takes great pride and pleasure from seeing her students grow an appreciation and respect for traditional Japanese cultural skills. In addition to teaching she also gives expert presentations to schools and community groups. As a Kimono Stylist she expertly dresses brides in Kimono for their wedding and others for special occasions.

Kyoko hosts a range of Kimono events throughout the year in Sydney including group photo shoots, visits to exhibitions and regular dinners where the participants all dress in Kimono. Additionally Kyoko arranges workshops on Japanese cultural activities to help generate greater appreciation, knowledge and understanding of the Japanese culture.


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