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Mika Nakamura-Mather


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Mika Nakamura-Mather DVA, BVA (Hons First Class)

Born in Fukushima in Japan, Mika studied at Toyo University, Tokyo before joining Japanese advertising agency Asatsu DK and later moving to London to work at Hakuhodo. She has been a resident of Australia since 2002, living in both Sydney and Brisbane. Mika is a graduate of the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University and holds a Doctor of Visual Arts degree.  

As a Japanese national living and working in Australia, Mika’s work explores the concepts of home and belonging that lie at the heart of understanding our identity. From living and working in a different country to simply taking a holiday and finding yourself in a new location, memories of the past are the yardstick by which we measure our place in the present.   

Through the processes of object making, assemblage, installation and traditional painting and photography, her practice examines the connection we feel to a particular location, the cultural markers that define our understanding of home, and the immediacy and relevance of our personal memories.   

Mika’s work has been exhibited in private galleries in Australia, Japan, UK, Italy and Iran. She is a regular participant at international biennales and has had major solo shows at regional state galleries in Australia. Her work is held in private collections in several countries.  


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