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Hiroe Mayumi


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Hiroe Mayumi, also known by her master’s name Gensai, is a Japanese calligrapher based in Sydney, Australia. With roots in Tokyo, Hiroe’s journey with calligraphy has been intertwined with a deep connection to Japanese culture and tradition. From her early years in Japan to her time spent in Singapore organising calligraphy classes for children, and now in Sydney where she conducts workshops and classes for both adults and children, Hiroe has dedicated herself to sharing the beauty and elegance of Japanese calligraphy with others. Her approach focuses on fostering a sense of enjoyment and freedom in the practice, while also guiding students towards mastering the intricate strokes and techniques of this ancient art form. Through her work with organisations like SOGETSU Sydney and the Sydney Extracurricular Activities Fair, Hiroe continues to inspire a love for Japanese calligraphy in her community.


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