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Sachie Terasaki


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Sachie Terasaki is a qualified Ikebana teacher with over 25 years of experiences. Sachie first started Ikebana in 1994 in Japan. She received a teaching qualification from the Sogetsu School Headquarter in Tokyo in 2000. She holds the 1st grade teaching qualification, Jyonin-Somu.

She runs Ikebana school in Canberra called Ikebana Canberra. As well as teaching at her school and local schools, she conducts demonstrations and workshops at major art events in Canberra. As an Ikebana artist, she has worked with public organisations such as National Gallery of Australia, National Archive of Australia, National Arboretum and Event ACT. Her Ikebana displays can be seen at local restaurants and public places. She has participated in popular festivals such as Floriade and the Canberra Nara Candle Festival for many years.

Sachie was born and brought up in Tokyo. Since her childhood, she has always been surrounded by Japanese traditional art. Her late grandmother was an Ikebana teacher and her mother is a calligraphy teacher. Her other grandmother practiced Japanese ink painting. Appreciating Japanese art and culture, she is a passionate Ikebana artist and instructor. Her Ikebana works express the beauty of nature in every season with full of liveliness and movements.


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