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Ren Yano


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T: 02 8970 3575

Ren Yano is an artist and specialises on shodo, Japanese traditional calligraphy. In 2003, he gained Australian permanent residency as an artist.

Ren has taken the role of kanji demonstrator in the SBS Japanese’s learning show, ‘Nihongo Daisuki’, and other Chinese one. He has also impressed overseas audiences with many activities including his exhibition in Dubai and performance at the Japan Day in New Zealand, to which he was invited by the Auckland Consulate-General of Japan.

In 2010, his work Furusato (lit., “place of origin”) was approved by the Japanese Foreign Ministry as a national property of Japan, meaning his artistic talent is now recognised by two nations (Australia and Japan). This work is now housed at the Japanese Embassy in Canberra.

He participated in the production of Hollywood movie, The Wolverine-Samurai (2013) in Fox Studios.

In 2019, he donated his work “Go-Nichi Yuuko” (lit., “A friendship between Australia and Japan”) for the 75th annual ceremony of Cowra Breakout. Also, he complied commissioned calligraphy for the “Reiwa” which was the new era Japan of the Consulate General in Sydney.

The Australian Olympic Committee commissioned six books of ale to be written for the Australian Olympic and Paralympic teams in 2020.


Demonstration for Matsuri in Sydney 2018

Master Ren’s demonstration “Let’s think about fun!”

Demonstration for Sakura Fes. North Sydney 2019

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