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Mutsuko Bonnardeaux


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T: (08) 9450 7860

Mutsuko calls her art form kumi-e which merges a Japanese hand torn paper technique, chigiri-e, with her experiences with batik (Indonesia), silkscreen printing, stained glass, weaving and ceramics (Japan, Belgium and Australia) to create three dimensional effects in her images. Mutsuko excels at fusing craft with art. The inherent characteristics of her papers are expertly used to give depth to the picture and impart an organic sensuality not found in oil or water colours paintings. Her paper strokes are not unlike a musical arrangement with repetitive elements in major and minor themes, rhythm, flow and harmony.

Mutsuko was born in Tokyo. As an adult, she had the opportunity to experience several Asian and European cultures which account for the diversity of her artistic skills. However, it was when she was settling in Western Australia’s Kimberley that the inspiration came. In 1994, Mutsuko received a grant from the Australian Japan Foundation which enabled her to travel to Japan and expand her knowledge of paper making. Mutsuko and her family moved to Geraldton, in a region world-renowned for its wildflowers, and eventually settled in Perth.

Mutsuko has been awarded various prizes and has been an artist-in-residence in Mt Cook (New Zealand), Uluru, Broome, Perth and France.


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