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Horisumi Kian Forreal


Contact Horisumi

T: +61 8399 1973

With his work Horisumi aspires to create highly detailed, richly coloured original horimono tattoos that are elegantly simple yet created to last a lifetime looking bright and sharp. He aspires to make each tattoo, whether a small flower on the leg or a dragon full bodysuit, a one-off masterpiece.

Kian Forreal works under the Traditional Japanese Tattoo name of HORISUMI and specialises in Traditional Japanese Tattoo also known ‘Horimono’, ‘Irezumi’ or ‘Wabori’. He makes his tattoos using the traditional hand poke method of Japanese tattooing called ‘tebori’ that he learned in Japan under a master of the craft and he draws each unique design directly on the skin freehand style.

Kian Forreal was given the traditional tattoo master title ‘Horisumi’ in 2013 by legendary Japanese Tattoo Master Horiyoshi III from Yokohama.

Horisumi focuses on and specialises in Traditional Japanese Style tattooing (Wabori), with his desire being to create Japanese bodysuits i.e: large works such as full back, sleeve, ribs, chest and legs all joined together using seasonal and natural elements. He very much prefers starting with a full backpiece and building the bodysuit from that. That said, he does enjoy all Japanese tattooing and is more than happy to do a 1/2 sleeve with chest plate as a starter piece if that is what you are after! Horisumi loves it all so please don’t hesitate to contact him with your design ideas when you are ready to commit or just want to get some information!

He uses tattoo machines to make outlines only, and for his background shading and colours he works solely by the traditional hand poke method which causes much less pain than tattoo machines, produces brighter colours, less bleeding, less skin trauma and a much faster healing process. Tebori style also creates a very unique look to the tattoo when healed as compared to machine work, the hues and tones of the inks are much more rich and saturated in the skin and the tattoo looks definitively alive. There are only a handful of tattoo artists worldwide that can create beautiful and authentic tattoos in this way and most of them are based in Japan.


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