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Submit Information for Your Profile

Profile - Information Submission
Please read through the fields carefully and confirm that your information is correct before clicking the 'submit' button.

Note: required fields are marked with an *

You may be considered a group if you fulfill one of the following conditions:
- you have a small number of collaborative members
- you're not an corporated or incorporated entity

Your Contact Details

(Mr, Mrs, Ms, etc.)
If your contact number is a landline, please include the area code.
This is for our internal records only.

Details of contact person

(Mr, Mrs, Ms, etc.)

Details of Your Organisation or Group

Address (within Australia only)
Eg. @jpfsydney
Eg. @jpfsydney
List each link on a separate line and include the title of the web page/article.
PDF and Word files only

Maximum file size: 2MB

Official Online Channels

Showcase your work porfolio through your official website and social media channels. Do not include private social media accounts or accounts that are not relevant to your work. You can also link to media coverage of your work, either on the web or as PDF files.
Eg. @jpfsydney
Eg. @jpfsydney
List each link on a separate line and include the title of the web page/article.
PDF and Word files only

Maximum file size: 2MB

Your Profile Category

Choose up to 5 categories relevant to your work. Any excess categories will not be assigned to your profile.
Please carefully view the available options before suggesting a new category.
Note: This does not guarantee a new category will be created for your work if relevant categories are available.

Profile Bio, Images and Videos

The bio is not a CV and should describe the area of focus/specialty of the profile owner (individual/organisation/group) in third-person. If applicable, include education, past exhibitions or performances, school, and whether you run classes, workshops, events, etc. This will help viewers better understand what you do. MAX 200 words.
Your profile photo should be in portrait orientation and at least a minimum of H500px X W500px. Any portrait photos not received in this ratio will be cropped accordingly so please allow a margin between your face and the frame.
For organisations and groups, your profile photos should be representative of your community or business, ideally an official logo. Please avoid individual portrait photos. If your logo has text, please provide a stacked version where the text sits under/above the motif.

Maximum file size: 2MB

You can upload up to 4 photos of your woks in either landscape or portrait orientation (max. 2MB per image). So that your photos represent your works in the best possible light, please ensure that the images are clear and that the shortest edge is at least 1080px.

Maximum file size: 2MB

We can embed up to 2 videos of performance works or demonstrations onto your profile page.
Note: For your videos to be featured on your profile, they must be hosted on a secure video-hosting website such as Vimeo or YouTube. You must have obtained permission or purchased a license to use video content, including music. If your video features recognisable people, you must request their permission to use the video. For people under 18, please request written permission from their legal guardians.
Please ensure that you have permission to use the images/videos and include any credit lines associated with the media.
You can include publications, recent/current exhibitions, etc.
Please note: We will aim to include as much as information on your profile as possible but we cannot guarantee that everything you provide will be published.


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