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Yumiko (Kinyu) Kigoshi


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Yumiko (Kinyu) Kigoshi was born in Gujo Hachiman, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. As well as completing formal art schooling, Yumiko studied art from the age of ten and later attended university where she gained a degree in home economics and a qualification as a dietitian before leaving Japan at the age of twenty-one.

Yumiko has been an Australian resident for many years, in addition to her studies in both suiboku-ga (sumi-e or Japanese ink art) and shodō (Japanese calligraphy) she run two successful Japanese restaurants in Brisbane.

Yumiko is a Master of sumi-e which she has been practicing for twenty years, and she is also an 8th Dan Japanese Calligrapher with more than twenty years experience.

Yumiko’s work has been displayed at the following:

2005 – National Museum – Estonia, Royal Museum – Lithuania,
National Museum – Slovakia
2006 – Art Gallery – Poland, National Art Gallery – Ireland
2007 – Art Gallery – Poland
2008 – The National Art Centre – Tokyo
2009 – National Gallery – China, The National Art Centre – Tokyo
2011 – Encre et papier:diversites a siatigues – Paris,
The National Art Centre – Tokyo
2013 – National Museum – Estonia, The National Art Centre – Tokyo
2015 – Mt Tambourine – Brisbane, The National Art Centre – Tokyo
2016 – Percolator Gallery – Brisbane, The National Art Centre – Tokyo
2017 – Visual Arts Centre – Singapore, The National Art Centre – Tokyo
2018 – Yumiko’s art was accepted as a Votive offering – Tsubaki Grand Shrine,
Hilton Hotel – Tokyo, The National Art Centre – Tokyo
2019 – The National Art Centre – Tokyo
2022 – The National Art Centre – Tokyo


2010 – Dai Nippon Syogeiin Geijyutsu Shinbunsya Award (Calligraphy)
2011 – International Sumi-e Association Asahi Shinbun Company Award
2015 – International Sumi-e Association Fuji Sankei Business Award
2016 – Dai Nippon Syogeiin Award (Calligraphy)
2019 – International Sumi-e Association Advisor’s Award
2022 – International Sumi-e Association Foreign Minister’s Award


Sumi-e – Kinsui Katori (Chairman & Founder International Sumi-e Association – Tokyo)
Oil Painting – Kinji Sato (Oil Painting Artist – Gifu)
Calligraphy – Syuho Kojima (Calligrapher – Brisbane)
Sculpture – Masao Mizuno (Artist & Curator of Yudokan Museum – Gifu)

Yumiko conducts classes in sumi-e and calligraphy from her home in Brisbane, as well as doing private commission works.

To see more of Yumiko’s artwork and activities please visit Queensland Kinyu Sumi-e Academy.


Sumi-e demonstration

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