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Munetaka Umehara


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T: 08 8379 8748
M: 0433 257 422

Growing up in Izumo, the cradle of Japanese mythology, Munetaka came to appreciate folklore and mythology as a part of everyday culture and community. That interest in folkloric traditions continued throughout his life. In his early days as a lecturer in Japanese, he spent much of his time outside of his work travelling to various regions of Japan to undertake research into the folkloric traditions of the countryside (including Ainu ceremonies, harvest festivals throughout Honshu, and the celebrations of Okinawa) with particular attention to the fue, the bamboo flute, and its role in the music accompanying dances. In 1993, he and his wife decided to move to Australia to set up a translation business. Settling in Adelaide, he was offered many opportunities to become involved in Japanese cultural performances—so he trained volunteers to perform at festivals and many other special occasions. Along the way, he had opportunities to take part in a number of cultural events overseas, including Indonesia, Norway, Hong Kong and Rwanda. Now retired, he is concentrating on developing his own original music through collaborations with other instruments (such as didgeridoo and taiko) and merging Western musical themes with Japanese playing styles.


With Bamboo Flute Day by Day

With Bamboo Flute Sunset

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