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Michael Lai


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Michael’s work explores the intersection of art and science, with an emphasis on the development of programs and workshops using origami concepts and techniques to improve mental health and well-being. One of the pioneers of using flower petals in origami, he is constantly exploring both traditional and modern origami techniques to introduce the concept of ‘creative fitness’ to the general public.

Past projects include ‘The Hanakami (花紙) Cranes Collection’, a series of photographic prints and artworks from his 2017 ‘Hanakami Cranes and Micro-Terrariums’ exhibition. He is currently experimenting with Tosa Tengujo paper and resin to develop a new style of origami inspired artworks.

Artist statement: Art and science are no more separate disciplines than happiness and sadness are unrelated emotions – without one you cannot truly appreciate or experience the beauty and mystery of the other.


Profile photo by David Gregory

Artwork photo by Deb Yarrow ( and Francis Scott

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