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Mayumi Kataoka


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T: 0412 724 083

Mayumi Kataoka is a Sydney based Tree photographer & Certified Forest Therapy Guide (Certified by Japan Forest Therapy Society – Japan).

Originally born in Japan, Mayumi moved to Sydney in 2003 after falling in love with Australia when working as a volunteer for the Sydney 2000 Olympic games.

Mayumi has been developing her photography skills to capture the Australian native plants – especially Eucalyptus and other trees. The raw and unique beauty of Eucalyptus trees represents the quintessential Australian landscape and that greatly inspires her photographic works.

“I feel it is the subtle combination of the raw colours and the Australian sky that adds a special ethereal quality like no other place. The colours are rich and beautiful and they seem to capture the Australian essence of life. The colours are just magical, a pure balance of simplicity and beauty that is uniquely Australian.
When I see through these trees they always excite me, they encourage and invite me to discover and study more about them.

Nature is such a beautiful gift to us all and it is fundamentally our most precious life partner. My true purpose is to capture these feelings through a lens so you too can experience these moments in time.”

Over the past 10 years the path of Mayumi’s “trees & nature” photography has led her to a new career as a “Forest Therapy Guide” where she offers therapeutic & mindfulness nature walks to a range of people and organisations.

“I really believe that nature already knew the reason as to why I have been so involved with tree photography. During this period, nature has been talking to me through a multitude of experiences, sights, sounds, touch and the scent of the forest. She has taught me so much and I believe she chose me for this new career, for which I am so grateful.
​I am excited to be able to share the wonderful journey of Shinrin-yoku now as an official guide!”


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