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Lily Karmatz


Contact Lily

T: 0414 455 242

Lily Karmatz is a practicing visual artist and Ikebana teacher. Native of Malaysia, Lily lives and practices her art in Brisbane, Queensland. She exhibited her art and Ikebana actively in group exhibitions and commissioned ephemeral and floral installations for   public events. She had a solo exhibition in 2012 when she was invited as Artist in Residence in North Carolina, USA.

Lily’s extensive artistic experience, knowledge and teaching abilities are greatly in demand. She has been selected as one of the Artists on Tour for Flying Arts. She runs regular Ikebana classes in her art studio.  Among her many activities, she is the Ikebana art workshops facilitator for schools, colleges, Council’s activities and public events.

For Lily, Ikebana is not just about beautiful flower arrangements in the house.  Her philosophy is simple and direct: “Ikebana connects you with nature and culture, which resonates deeply today as the world becomes more environmentally aware and sensitive.”

Peruse Lily’s website to view her works and more extensive list of professional activities and exhibitions.


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