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Kyoko Imazu


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T: 0403 696 048

Kyoko Imazu is a Japanese artist whose practice encompasses a range of mediums such as printmaking, bookbinding, ceramics and installation.

Drawing animals and monsters is one of her earliest and most important memories from her childhood. Her drawings included animals like rabbits, cats and birds and also strange creatures from Japanese folklores, which are traditionally populated with ‘Yokai’ – strange animals, monsters, objects with souls and formless, natural phenomena like wind and thunder. She was convinced—and very scared—that there were Yokai and other creatures lurking behind her or hiding in the dark corners of the house. They were as real as dogs and cats on the same level of existence. Drawing inspiration from her memories, her work tells stories that can connect people with their own personal memories and stories.

Her work is held in collections at National Library of Australia, State Library of Queensland , State Library of Victoria, National Gallery of Australia, Melbourne Athenaeum Library, RMIT, Sydney College of Arts and numerous private collections worldwide.

She also works with community to create public art such as a mural painting or installation as well as conducts workshops in schools and festivals teaching drawing, printmaking, bookbinding and puppet-making.



Creatures 4

Title: Omagatoki – the Hour of meeting monsters
Animators: Olga & Vira Ishchuk
Artist: Kyoko Imazu
It was commissioned by Australian Print Workshop for Gertrude Street Projection Festival in 2017

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