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Keiko Goto


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Keiko was brought up with The Snowy Mountain Scheme’s project in Tumut (1970) in the multicultural community in rural Australia, as well as living abroad in Japan, UK, and Russia, hence a vibrant international background characterising her love of nature and people living on the land. This is where her interest lies – ordinary people living in the outback, remote lands, rural regions around the world with their lifestyle encompassing the character of the land.

The artistic B&W photographs are shot on film mainly using Leica IIIb (1938) and printed to archival silver gelatin prints in a darkroom by Keiko herself. The beauty of the monochrome world enhanced by the added character of the piece by piece hand printed fibre prints is timeless. Apart from her very successful silver gelatine exhibition “Zen in 35mm” at Tacit Galleries (Melbourne,2018), she has also started to use larger format camera (8×10 and 5×7) and printing using alternative methods like platinum/palladium prints, cyanotype prints since 2017.

Keiko has exhibited in Japan, Australia China and Russia. Her works are in private collections in USA, UK, Australia, China and Japan and her photographs are used in corporate/institution websites, businesses and council publications.

The Age | The AU Review | Idea Australia | actuphoto | wotwedid

Exhibition catalogue by Roonee247 in Tokyo, “Beyond Borders” in 2022.
Exhibition catalogue by Tacit Galleries in Melbourne, “Zen in 35mm”,
ISBN 13:978-1-925858-09-9

2017 – Award of Excellence, 2017 No3 Soto Zen Photo Contest, Japan
16 – 3rd Prize, Brisbane Club Open Photography Competition, Australia

2022 – Bukimi, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne, Australia (planned)
22 – Beyond Borders, Roonee247, Tokyo, Japan
2019 – Night Jewels, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne, Australia
2018 – Zen in 35mm, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne, Australia
17 – Sea of Compatriots, Coal-Pit Gallery, Iwaki, Japan
17 – Gentle Giant, Commonwealth Bank Brisbane, Main Branch
17 – Infinity, Tacit Contemporary Art Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
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2022 – Tokyo 8×10 Exhibition 2022, Tokyo, Japan
2021 – Tokyo 8×10 Exhibition 2021, Tokyo, Japan
21 – Diversity by FMPG, Richard Randle Art Studio, Brisbane, Australia
2020 – Tokyo 8×10 Exhibition 2020, Tokyo, Japan
20 – Print Exposed 2020, Gold Street Studio Gallery, Victoria, Australia
20 – 20[2020] Celebrating 20 Years, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne, Australia
2019 – The 3rd International Photography Symposium & 2019 Linshui, China
19 – Under the Southern Sun (Part of World Cyanotype Day 2019) USA tour
19 – Exploration by the FMPG, Richard Randle Art Studio, Brisbane, Australia
19 – Departure from Reality, Redcliff Art Gallery, Queensland, Australia
2018 – Gold Street Studio Gallery, Victoria, Australia
18 – Beyond Media – Large format and Traditional Craft Photography
Exhibition, Tianjin, China
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