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Hiromi Ozaki


Contact Hiromi

T: 0413 500 760

Born and educated in Japan until 22 years old, both parents Japanese, is totally bi-lingual with Japanese and English. Works in acting, photo-modelling and is also an artist.

Acting credits & experience
2020 Beni “Asaki Yumemishi” Reading with Actors Sendai
2020 “Sakura Hitohira” with Actors Sendai
2020 Dai Nisho “Inori no wa” English version
2019 Dai Nisho “Inori no wa” with Actors Sendai, Japan (English meaning “the second chapter”) One-person play
2018 UPS Academy, Tokyo, Japan : Basic Acting & J-Actors (Acting in English) courses: MAY-JUL
2015 Pinafore, Musical Operetta Group, Sydney : Alt singing department
2014 King Street theatre 10 minutes play Festival “Okakura & Vivegananda” Hatsuko (Heroine role)
2014 Actors Centre Australia : Acting 101

Movies/TV: Izakaya Chuji (Japanese Film), International short film”GPS”, Gunshikanheie(Japanese TVfilm), Tousouchu/Sentouchu, Matrix II&III, Son of Mask, Superman Returns, Mao’s Last Dancer, Izakaya Chuji(Japanese Film), False Witness, Elixer, Life Goes On (one of the main roles), Amy Danzig, “National Bingo Night”, “The One”, Chaser’s War ABC New Inventors

Hiromi is also a visual artist. You can view her profile here:

One of Hiromi’s painting styles produces the etching effect artworks in large scale are popular commissions. Hiromi’s art is informed by Japanese aesthetics – namely in its simplicity, beauty in the ephemeral and understanding of a fleeting life. Her collections have been displayed in countries including; Singapore, HK, Macau, TYO, Sydney, Japan, NZ, England and the USA.

Recent exhibitions
2018 “Creative Mirror” Texas USA 2017 “Creative Mirror” Auckland NZ, SYD AUST
2013 MAR “Evolution” Hemingway Art Cafe, Kauai HI USA 2012 MAR Art Cafe, SYD AUST
2009 FEB “Luminosity” Richard Martin Art, SYD AUST
2006 HK Art Walk, HK
2006 Group Show Robin Gibson Gallery SYD, AUST
2006 “Young Guns” Richard Martin Art, SYD AUST
2006 Graduated BFA (Hon.Painting major) National Art School SYD AUST


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