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Aya Shibata


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T: 0432 742 482

I was born in Fukuoka and spent the first half of my life living in Japan. My love for the ocean moved me to Australia in the early 90’s and ever since then I have always found myself living close by the sea. I find the ocean continuously inspires me and feeds my creative mind.

I started learning Ikenobo Ikebana from the age of ten as my grandmother and one of my mother’s friends were both Ikebana teachers. After completing high school, my Ikebana teacher recommended me to study design and soon after I had completed two years of study in graphic design. I believe my approach to and distinctive style in Ikebana is due to my background in and influences from my studies in graphic design.

I first came to Australia when I was only twenty years old and returned to Japan knowing my career was being guided towards becoming a Japanese artist with floral art. I wanted to learn more about Ikenobo Ikebana and decided to continue my studies. After living and studying in Kyoto for three years, I received a diploma of Ikebana Teaching.

Today, I still find myself living right by the sea and am feeling more inspired than ever. The past three years I have developed a passion in surf art which involves painting on canvases and materials I find by the shore such as pebbles and creating items with sea glass and driftwood. I believe the surf art that I create is unique due to my knowledge of and particular style in Ikebana.


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