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Andrea Innocent


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T: 0417 339 896

I began illustrating professionally in 2006 as a member of The Jacky Winter Group in Melbourne since that time I have also given talks and workshops on all sorts of topics related to illustration and design, such as professional practice, drawing, marketing and character design.

The illustrations I create often tell stories of Japanese ghosts, folktales and quirky newspaper articles. More recently I have begun exploring the Australian bush and local flora and fauna in my work whilst still maintaining the ukiyo-e influenced aesthetic in my work. Explorations in new media as well as in traditional illustration and sculpture look into the very human obsession of collecting as well as the emotional connections with objects we have and how they link us to time and place.

I currently work out of a studio at the Burrinja Cultural Centre in Upwey, Melbourne. When I’m not working I am usually found drawing and playing with my toddler son and Welsh Cardigan Corgi ‘Pickles’.


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